Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BLOG | Article Writers

Them! Those people who write.

Article Writers

The people who give ideas to agents, producers, directors, layman, managers, bus drivers, anyone!

I dedicate this one, this article, this post, reading material or blog. Whatever it may be. I dedicate this to them, the writers.

We are all so caught up in reading, listening, watching and internalizing letters and words (and numbers I guess). We are so focused in these things that we forget those who write them. Actually, I just realized this. But, I now have a new found love with pens and papers.

Right now, at this moment. How many people do you think are writing? How many people are doodling. how many are writing because they need the money that other people are giving them? we all need the money to live. How many writers do you think are getting paid enough? How many articles are being down priced without the writer’s knowledge that the thing they are making has potential? How many smart, or should I say, sharks are juicing good writers up for a fraction of the real wealth they could possibly get?

BLOG | Ignorance is BLISS

They say Ignorance is Bliss....

Ignorance is blissI don't know if this is a cycle of something deep or just natural to us human beings. But I always wanted to know why we ask so many questions. 

Some might say that paralysis by analysis is bad. But when we ask questions, we get answers. When we get answers, we ask even more questions. And when we do that, we influence people to do so as well.


When there are too many questions asked, and too many answers revealed, controversy sets in. Then a percentage (a small one)  of people will start to think about conspiracy. Then you start knowing too much. Then you start getting happy, if not greedy, with it. Then you start feeling a bit of satisfaction. Then you begin to get into so much trouble.

Technology | Hard Drives

I think the greatest technological breakthrough is the Hard Drive. You want to know why?

It is because people tend to become sentimental. 

They start hoarding stuff like Pictures, Messages, Documents, Music, Media and anything that can be graphically presented in a colored screen. I don’t know if we are aware or just simply ignoring the fact that someday, that hard drive will eventually be full. Then you’ll have to buy an extra. You’ll have to buy a new one or suffer while finding things to delete.

What a cool cycle.