Friday, November 18, 2011

How to Blog: A Quick Guide

How to Start a Blog

I can say that this is not my first time to make my own Blog. However, every time I create one, my main challenge is how to start. Now let me give you a quick guide on how to Blog. These are some things that I learned while reading a lot of stuff in the internet.

There are three questions that you need to ask yourself before you create a Blog:

1. What will be the name of my Blog?

2. What topics will I post?

3. Who are my intended readers?

Starting your own Blog . . .

All three questions are interconnected. Basically, you should write things that interest you, or topics about your hobbies, skills and expertise. Those things will surely lure-in some readers who share the same interests as yours. Interests or Industry or Group of things that have the same set of market are called Niche. This will be your focus.

Let me remind you that if you plan to put a lot of different kinds of niches in your Blog, I bet, you'll have a hard time figuring out how to arrange them or even, how to start posting. Just focus on one thing first. Think of a topic that you are most proficient and knowledgeable.

The name of your Blog is Important as well. You should think of a catchy name that will get the attention of readers, and must be somehow related with the topics you would post. These are the basic things to consider.

Other things may come into your mind like making money online using your blog, getting traffic/views, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or taking camera lessons so that you can fill your blog with your own portraits. But you’ll eventually get there. You shouldn’t rush into these things because first, you need to fill your Blog with things to read and second, make them interesting.

These are actually my plans for my site that I would like to share to you:

in my Blog

• Post things about the improvement of my blog and what new things I have learned

• Things about Microsoft Excel

• Microsoft Excel Tutorials

• Android Stuff and Tutorials

• Technology

• Services that I can offer

• Some Money making stuff

• Random things that I am inspired to write while in my Rent Room

I already have knowledge in SEO and Google, but we’ll get there in due course, I’ll just start filling this blog with posts and deal with the traffic thingy once my site can be considered useful. Once again, let me remind you about what my mentor Louie Sison wrote.

“You should come up with a plan first before you Execute”.

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