Monday, November 28, 2011

INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media and Handheld Devices VS Salary???

Social Media and Mobile Devices VS Salary

I just saw an Infographic Blog Post from Katie Taylor, The PR Manager of Mobility in Global Corporate Communications in Cisco, about how people, of this generation, are madly in-love with their gadgets and social media sites. Here is the post:

I Personally think that this is very disturbing. I meant no offense for those who agree on this. I personally would like to have a freedom to bring my mobile phone and browse personal sites at work. I totally agree on the privilege to access company information/data in your mobile device or even at home. However, I would find it hard to become productive, if you are in a workplace, updating your status or interacting online. We are all aware that using Facebook and Twitter alone, can take you 30 minutes or more. That means, 30 minutes less, from your productivity and utilization in your company. 

If you would like to read on what Katie Taylor says about this, here is the link to the post from Cisco Blog: 

Mobile Device Flexibility More Important Than Salary [INFOGRAPHIC]

I am pretty sure that everyone has something to say about these things. Please share your thoughts about this topic. How do you feel about bringing your Mobile Device and Accessing Social Media Sites at work?

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