Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My First Post: Welcome to my Rent Room!


Hello there! Thank you for visiting my Room. I named my blog, My Rented Room because I want to show you how great life is and it doesn't matter if you live in a mansion, or sharing a cardboard box under the bridge. The thing is, if you are in a rent room, the only person who can change things and make decisions in your life is you! No matter what challenge is in front of you right now, you can always find a way to make things work and make yourself happy.

My Rent Room


While I’m in this Rent Room, I thought of this thing that had been in my mind for a couple of years. I never planned to create my own page but my mentor, Louie Sison taught me the things I needed to start and stuff that can help me improve. Now, most of the bloggers are so busy rambling about living the Dot.Com lifestyle and it made me realize that this kind of work or hobby is so interesting that it got me jumping on my feet, or should I say, on my keyboard and started typing these words.

My mentor once wrote that, if you’re thinking of starting your own blog, you should plan everything first before executing. This is very important because, if you just went in there without a plan, you’ll end up being consumed by things you don’t have an Idea about.

So here in My Room, I will not show you Payment Proofs or How I Became Rich in this online thing or How to find a room to rent. What I’ll show you are things that interests me and stuff that makes me want to live more. I am planning to put a lot of stuff in here like Technology, Tutorials, Gadget Reviews, again, like what I have said in my profile, please! Please join me as I embark on this journey, to challenge the norm and force myself in whatever future this kind of industry holds! Of course, in the comfort of my Rent Room.

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