Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Every Blogger Should Consider


In my Journey to the vast expanse of the world of Blogging, I was able read lots of things about, Search Engines, Page Rank, Earning Money Online, etc. These things made me realize one important aspect needed in every blog, which is, Content. All bloggers should stop, sit, and think about, the only significant reason your blog even exists.

The Readers! especially those readers who do not have their own blog or someone who just intends to read something online. Do you really want to be on the top of the food chain? Here is my advice. Remove that SEO and Money Making mindset that has been consuming all Pro and Newbie Bloggers. Everybody should focus more on Content and Quality. I have been reading a lot and I noticed that, YES, they are masters of Page Rankings, they can earn a considerably fair amount of money online, and everyone is in the first page of every chosen niche. BUT, the quality of their content is either mediocre or low.


In most of the blogs that are available online, or should I say, are in the first page ranks, their main focus is to be in that rank and to stay there. Reading their articles are most beneficial as well however, I noticed that majority have Grammar Issues like, wrong use of articles, comparing two or more things, confusing modifiers, Subject and Verb agreement, modal verbs, usage of punctuation and even spelling. I even read a post that was confused with the words, truck and track which are not even homonyms (words that share the same pronunciation). I am not a perfect writer or a Grammar Guru but, English is the language that is generally used for blogging.

What I am trying to say is that, before you even press that Publish button, read your article meticulously first. Do not just glance at it, read it word per word thinking, this is a post of a different author. Think about what people might say about your article and change every mistake you see. Do this in every article, as many times as you can because, it would be very discomforting if you realized your mistakes 2 years from now, thinking, “did someone notice this?”, “why didn’t they comment about this error” or “did they just laugh at me?”.

It doesn't matter if you do not think about the marathon, or the SEO tricks, or the non-stop rush of improved blogs, or new techniques on how to be in the first page. You’ll get there, eventually. You’ll get plenty of traffic, backlinks, followers, and readers if you post articles that boast Quality and Wit. There are hundreds of ways to gain readers like, joining sites that are related to your niche but, we’ll talk more on that in a different article. But first, just pause and reflect on the things you posted. Go back and read them. I’m sure you’ll find an error or two somewhere.

Do you have suggestions or things to add in this post? Please tell me. I’ll be more than happy read it. Thanks!

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