Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Them! Those people who write.

Article Writers

The people who give ideas to agents, producers, directors, layman, managers, bus drivers, anyone!

I dedicate this one, this article, this post, reading material or blog. Whatever it may be. I dedicate this to them, the writers.

We are all so caught up in reading, listening, watching and internalizing letters and words (and numbers I guess). We are so focused in these things that we forget those who write them. Actually, I just realized this. But, I now have a new found love with pens and papers.

Right now, at this moment. How many people do you think are writing? How many people are doodling. how many are writing because they need the money that other people are giving them? we all need the money to live. How many writers do you think are getting paid enough? How many articles are being down priced without the writer’s knowledge that the thing they are making has potential? How many smart, or should I say, sharks are juicing good writers up for a fraction of the real wealth they could possibly get?

How many writers are really making enough living with the thing they love to do? Writing.

You know what? Right now, while I’m writing. My friend is playing the guitar on one side and one is singing on the other. How many items here in this small room started as a written idea? I think I realize now why some writers never make it. Why they never get there. Some call it “The American Dream” I call it “knowing too much”.

They never make it because of too much love in writing. They write too much that too many ideas surge in their minds. Then they write those surges of ideas that form as plans, which someone else executes, while that guy who thought of it keeps on writing. 

Then after a few years of worthless living, people will appreciate it then will make it something with significance without even knowing who really wrote it. I think I used the word “write” too much. But tell me, do you think I’m just thinking too much?

Michael Banawa
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