Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BLOG | Ignorance is BLISS

They say Ignorance is Bliss....

Ignorance is blissI don't know if this is a cycle of something deep or just natural to us human beings. But I always wanted to know why we ask so many questions. 

Some might say that paralysis by analysis is bad. But when we ask questions, we get answers. When we get answers, we ask even more questions. And when we do that, we influence people to do so as well.


When there are too many questions asked, and too many answers revealed, controversy sets in. Then a percentage (a small one)  of people will start to think about conspiracy. Then you start knowing too much. Then you start getting happy, if not greedy, with it. Then you start feeling a bit of satisfaction. Then you begin to get into so much trouble.

Now tell me, can you blame them?

Who you say? Those who protect "The Answers" to your questions? Those who keep you in the gray and under the radar? People who they say you can trust? Some call themselves, “The Government” some say they are an empire, some are peace fighters, others are the police, NBI, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, NPA, Freedom Fighters, Muslims, Catholics, Ministry, School, Prison.

ignorance is bliss

For knowing too much, you become a prodigy, a saint, a leader, a mentor. We all have secrets. Some dark, some are sensitive, some can change how stuff normally goes. There are  some that really protect and see good, and do good.

Now let me ask you.Would you do the same? Would you do everything to keep a secret? Whether good or bad, would you do so much as to hurt someone just to protect that special knowledge of yours?

Would you hurt them directly or indirectly? Tell me, isn't ignorance truly bliss? Or am I thinking too much again?

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