Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Technology | Hard Drives

I think the greatest technological breakthrough is the Hard Drive. You want to know why?

It is because people tend to become sentimental. 

They start hoarding stuff like Pictures, Messages, Documents, Music, Media and anything that can be graphically presented in a colored screen. I don’t know if we are aware or just simply ignoring the fact that someday, that hard drive will eventually be full. Then you’ll have to buy an extra. You’ll have to buy a new one or suffer while finding things to delete.

What a cool cycle.

We always need to get the Hard Drive that has a larger capacity, so we can store more junk that are literally useless. Then as time flies, files tend to be larger, formats need to be higher and movies get better and better. And in the end, they get to sell hard drives to us once again. And the cycle will never stop.

What happens if you store something in your Hard Drive that you think is of value or with significance?  - Ok, let’s all stop for once and contemplate on this. We all have to admit that no one is that organized, we all lose some memory cell somehow, somewhere in those tiny receptors in your brain. Those receptors tend to wear-out and you know what happens next? We tend to forget things! And the best part is - we (at times) never, ever, remember them.

It’s best to forget because it’s good for business.

 If we forget things, and someday need them, and can’t find them, there is always someone or something, somewhere who can find things that are lost. “The Search Button” – I never get why these things are our necessity. Or how did they find out that it will be this way someday?

I’m no hater. Noo! In fact, I have a lot of them. Not just Hard Drives, but any kind of storage device. I am part of the so called “System” too. We all are. Sometimes, I feel like the lucky ones are those who do not have electricity. People who live in a farm somewhere far, or maybe a tribe that neither media nor any government can reach. Or if they did reach them, people there are still lucky that they are still years away from this.

“This” is our society, our “Civilization”. Where people both die and live because of some stupid person with an idea, who somehow thought of something important, and now?
Now, we live in a world full of ideas. (Wonder whose idea it is to find a paper, put a famous face on it, and make it one of – or should I say, the only legal tender important to humankind?). Ideas that craft even more Ideas (that we will surely store in our hard drives and forget)

And now, you finally understand why we are loving junk, and why someone else’s trash is always someone else’s treasure. Now give me the idea. Isn’t the world a little weird? Is this how things really are? Or am I thinking too much?

Michael Banawa
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