Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Work at Home | Is it any good?


Work At Home

Hello! It’s me again. It's been a while since my last post here in myrentedroom. 2011 was a hectic year for me. But I'm not here to bore you with the details. I'm here to ask you, have you ever considered doing a work at home job? My goal in this part of my blog is to share some stuff in the Internet that will more than likely help you earn, or at least, get a little bit of something for doing some kind of task. I know some of you are somewhat apprehensive about things like work at home tasks. But believe it or not, I have been in your shoes before.

Wait. Where do I start?

Starting a work from home job can be pretty challenging. Especially when you do not have a boss “Physically Present” to tell you what you need to do. For me, the first thing you need to consider when planning to work at home is battling laziness.  

You also have to prepare the benefits. I don’t think it’s the same in other countries. But in here, if you have a stable job, your company’s HR will be the one handling every benefit that you need. If you’re planning to work at home, you have to make sure to continue processing your benefits such as social security, health and housing benefits, Insurances and the list goes on.

 I started out building my work at home profile way back 2010 and have been earning a bit of money since then. It’s nothing big but I can show you some of my earnings in my future posts. To be honest, I have a stable job and I earn a decent amount to support my living. But I keep coming back to the idea of doing work at home. After all, work at home literally means, doing work at the comfort of your home.

Aaaah.. Comfy.. 

Who would oppose to the idea of working while listening to your favorite music, eating a big burger, no security cameras, taking your break whenever you want to? Just the thought of  productive liberty makes me excited!

Michael Banawa
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I know you have a lot in mind when work at home is in topic. Can you give me and the readers some ideas on where to start? Do you have your own work at home job right now that you want to share? Or are you planning to do it but don’t know where to start? Please feel free to comment or ask questions. I am more than grateful to answer them.

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  1. Great post, This is very interesting post I am also a freelancer and I am enjoying it totally and there are following benefits Flexibility of hours, Work load control, New skills, No office politics, No commute.

    Pros of a work from home

    1. Flexibility
    2. No boss
    3. More family time
    4. Work from anywhere

    Cons of a work from home

    1. It’s lonely
    2. Many distractions
    3. It requires discipline
    4. Always the same place