About Me

Asking too much questions: In My Rent Room...

Hello! My name is Michael Banawa. I am a Filipino and I work for a BPO (Business Process Outsorce) Company as a Workforce Supervisor for the Business Management Team (Department).

The woman beside me is my Girlfriend, Stephanie Bala-oyI thought of the title MyRentedRoom because of her. We share the Rent Room and I hope she continues to support me with this thing that I started. 

Anyway, I made this Blog to share my Interests to the world. I want to show the world how fun it is being independent in a cruel world. I'll post things about Phones, Movies, Songs, Music, Instruments, Skills, of course online money making, which I still am currently learning, and a lot more. I'll just enjoy posting stuff especially, teaching people Microsoft Excel, How to's in Excel, Excel Tutorials and More . I do hope that you enjoy reading here.

I hope I won't bore you with the things that I'll post. But I'm open to suggestions and criticisms. I'll change or remove anything that you think are offensive or inappropriate. Just don't be harsh okay? 

This Rented Room idea came from the song Here in My Room by Incubus
Brandon Boyd said: "Your love is a verb here in my room". You get the idea right?

Kidding aside. I would like to mention the name of my mentor Louie Sison. He and his blogs are a great help to me. Please read his posts if you are a newblogger (I think I just Invented a word). He knows a lot of things about blogging and the Dot.Com lifestyle. If you really want to learn things about Blogging. Visit his site